Mark NightingaleMark Nightingale has been a Freelance Presenter at Falklands Radio since October 2018. You can join him for Sunday Night in with Mark from 20:00 to 22:00. Mark is also a Sports Development Officer for the Falkland Islands Overseas Games Association and a Local Tour Guide.

Mark is a Leicester Alumni which he reckons is a “posh way of saying I just about got through a degree!”. When asked about his family, he told me that he has ‘trouble and strife’ and two young ‘bin lids’. He’s a Londoner, as if the rhyming slang didn’t give it away!

Along with music, sports are a favourite subject. You name it, he’s given it a go! Mark participates in football, swimming, triathlon and running. He also enjoys watching sports, so long as it’s not formula one.

He enjoys listening to any music that is guitar based, although he has maintained that he is very broadminded in his music taste. Favourite artists would have to include Led Zeppelin, Stone Roses and Neil Young. Mark plans to keep sharing great music with people in the future.

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