Traighana SmithTraighana Smith has been a Freelance Presenter at Falklands Radio since March 2019. She has a background in film and television and has worked in various jobs in Scotland, Canada and most recently, the Falkland Islands. 

Documentaries and independent films are both passions of Traighana’s – watching and making them. She especially loves choosing music to accompany scenes as well as watching something that makes use of an emotive soundtrack. This is where her love for film and TV scores has come from and is how she finds new bands to listen to.

Traighana genuinely has an eclectic taste in music which has evolved over the years. She’s a big fan of 60s music, classic rock, electronica, folk and indie. But ultimately, she always relies on her old favourite of alternative pop/punk, which comes in handy when presenting ‘Solid Rock’ on a Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:00.

She says to “listen out for me on Falklands Radio News as soon as I win over Gavin and Nick on the news team!”

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