Chief Medical Officer says "now is the time" to trial relaxing quarantine restrictions. Also in this programme:

  • Police investigating if Argentine soldiers are buried at Teal Inlet
  • The British Empire Medal was presented to Tex Alazia on Tuesday evening
  • Hillside camp was handed over to the Falklands Government last weekend
  • Prince Philip Street was opened after a two-year construction period
  • An outdoors centre was granted planning permission in Stanley
  • The new Chief Executive has arrived in the Falklands
  • Local couple celebrated their diamond anniversary


MLA Leona Roberts talks of the work underway. Also in this programme:

  • ANZAC day was marked on Sunday morning
  • The FIDF had a new motto approved
  • There are new requirements for employers regarding work permits
  • Historic buildings on Keppel Islands feared to be falling into ruin
  • The weekly update with the Royal Falkland Islands Police
  • Issues with housing refurbishments are discussed in Legislative Assembly 

The sporting event was a huge success as over 40 competitors joined in. Also in this programme:

  • Services were held for Prince Philip on Friday at Christ Church Cathedral and on Saturday by the Royal Marine and Royal Naval Associations
  • The former military facility of Hillside is to be refurbished as a temporary vulnerable person’s unit, the government made the announcement on Monday
  • South American air links suspended again until October
  • New immigration permits to be introduced
  • And The Royal Falkland Islands Police talk about a spate of burglaries

The Housing Committee was made aware of budget issues for completing refurbishments. Also in this programme:

  • Death of Prince Philip marked by a 21-gun salute
  • Increase in Covid-19 cases in the Falklands
  • Problems with Falkland Island status applications addressed
  • Mobile homes discussed at the Planning and Building Committee
  • Cape Pembroke half marathon went ahead at the weekend
  • Petty crime tackled by the Royal Falkland Islands Police  

LISTEN to the top news stories from the past 7 days.

  • The Falkland Islands has entered a covid-19 recovery phase
  • Saturday saw Camp Education celebrate 125 years in the Falklands
  • There was an unusual landing in Stanley Harbour over the weekend
  • Food security was a topic of discussion at Monday’s public meeting
  • The Falkland Islands Defence Force talks razor wire
  • And MLA Spink explains why £141,000 was moved into the Port project



This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on April 3, 2021. It will be available for two months.