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audio FRN 29th April 2019 Popular

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In the news today:
Standard Chartered bank to offer new service
Falklands represented at service of commemoration for Falklands war in the UK
We take a look back at the weather in March
Update on FIPASS’s age
Four marathons in four days kicks off on the 1st.
Trial commences in Magistrates court Monday morning

audio FRN 07th January 2019 Popular

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In the news today:
Sure mailserver outage causes consternation in the communit
UK Offers new £1 coin design to the overseas territories – MLA Spink responds
Jeremy Clarkson bears a grudge on the H982 license place fiasco
Efforts continue to twin the Falklands & Gibraltar
Successful raft race held on Saturday

audio FRN 23rd November 2018 Popular

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In the news today:
Fortuna and Western Union heads East
Town hall car park to be temporarily closed
Things not to say in an airport check-in
Weekend cruise vessel update
Second flight coverage goes on
Verdict delivered in Graham jury trial