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audio Let's Talk - 4th December 2019 - Cancer Popular

This Let's Talk is on teh subject of cancer. Originally aired on Wednesday 4th December 2019

At the suggestion of Corina Goss, a breast cancer patient, we have assembled a panel of those who have encountered the disease, and those who have helped them deal with it.

We will take a look at the basis statistics of cancer in the falkland Islands with CMO Beccy Edwards, and discuss diagnosis and treatment with her and Mandy Heathman.

Corina is joined by husband David Ashbridge to discuss how families cope with long term illness.

Brian Aldridge, a recent returnee from treatment, will cover his experiences and suggestions, and Andy Brownlee a long term survivor and Treasurer of the Cancer Support and Awareness Trust will talk about their work.

This will be a powerful and informative programme. If you or your family has been affected by cancer, if you want to know why there seems to be so much of it, or if you would like to learn more about the disease and how to cope with it.