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audio Mini Sports - 26th January 2019 Popular

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Kristy Buckland takes us through another Mini Sports held at the Stanley racecours on Saturday 26th Jan 2019

audio Horse Racing - Day 2 27th December 2018 Popular

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Christmas Sports held at Stanley Racecourse 2018

Commentry from Kristy and Patrick

audio Horse Racing - Day 1 26th December 2018 Popular

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Coverage of the 2018 Christmas Races - Day 1

Commentry provided by Kristy Buckland and Patrick Watts

audio FOOTBALL: FI vs Football Association XI Saturday 10th 2018 Popular

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Saturday 10th November saw the Falkland Islands Football team take on the Football Association Eleven. Marcus Morrison commentates for Falklands Radio.

audio Interview with FA ref November 2018 Visit Popular

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Nick ROberts interviews FA Organisers at the begining of their visit to the Falklands.