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Let's Talk is a panel discussion programme hosted by Falklands Radio. 

The programme is presenter-led and can include live phone-ins from the public.

The show is usually on every second Wednesday at 1900. 

~COVID-19~ The programme will run intermittently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact Falklands Radio for more information.

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A weekly round-up of all the news from the Falkland Islands.

The programme is broadcast on a Saturday at 1830.

~ COVID-19 ~  The News Review will be replaced by a news bulletin on a Saturday.



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Landing Day Service 2020 Popular

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Landing Day service commemorates the British Task Force amphibious landings near the settlement of San Carlos on May 21, 1982.

Invading Argentine forces had been occupying the Falklands since April 2. The landing of the British Forces, on May 1, signalled the beginning of recovering the Islands. Over the next few days, the area became known as 'Bomb Alley' as Argentine fighter jets tried to stop the advance.

A service of remembrance is held each year to remember all those who lost their lives during the ensuing battles. This year, the service was led by the Reverand Ian Faulds. An estimated 30 people attended, a smaller number than usual due to the current global health pandemic.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on May 22, 2020. It will be available for one year.


The Men Who Clear Landmines Popular

Tagged in 1982, Argentina, Armed Forces, British Forces , British Forces South Atlantic Islands, British Overseas Territory, Commonwealth, coronavirus, covid-19, Documentary, East Falkland, Education, EOD, Explosive ordinance, Explosives, Falkland Islander, Falkland Islands , Falklands Conflict, Falklands Radio, Falklands War, Human Interest, Island Communities, Island Life, Landmines, news, paramedic, radio, Radio Documentary, South Atlantic, Zimbabwe

Who are the people that clear landmines?

Groups of highly-trained 'deminers' have been travelling between Zimbabwe and the Falkland Islands to clear minefields for over 11 years.

Over 20,000 landmines were laid by Argentine forces in 1982, and in 2020 the Falkland Islands will be landmine free for the first time in 38 years. Due to the global pandemic, most of the men involved have left the Islands before the completion of the project. 

Falklands Radio attended a goodbye reception on June 19 and spoke to those who were departing.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on June 25, 2020


World War Two Site Excavation - Part 1 Popular

Tagged in 1982, Archaeological excavation , archaeology, British Forces , British Forces South Atlantic Islands, Documentary, Falkland Islands , Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust, Falklands Conflict, Falklands War, History, museum, South Atlantic, World War Two, WW2

Listen to the history of a WWII site in the Falkland Islands.

The 11th Battalion of the West Yorks was posted in 1942 to protect the Islands from attack by the Japanese. In 1944 the garrison was replaced by the Royal Scots. The men were housed in Nissen huts that were built on almost every available open space in Stanley.

One of these former sites, Bennett's Paddock, was given planning permission to turn into a residential area. The Museum and National Trust took the opportunity to arrange archaeological examinations before construction work began. Working with two archaeologists from Cambridge University, areas of Bennett's Paddock to the west of Stanley were excavated. This site was also used by the Argentine military in the 1982 conflict. During the excavation, Tim and Mark found items used by the military from both time periods.  

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on March 20, 2020