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Let's Talk is a panel discussion programme hosted by Falklands Radio. 

The programme is presenter-led and can include live phone-ins from the public.

The show is usually on every second Wednesday at 1900. 

~COVID-19~ The programme will run intermittently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact Falklands Radio for more information.

audio News Review

A weekly round-up of all the news from the Falkland Islands.

The programme is broadcast on a Saturday at 1830.

~ COVID-19 ~  The News Review will be replaced by a news bulletin on a Saturday.



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Housing Policy In The Falkland Islands Popular

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It's estimated 37% of the population of the Falklands will be temporary residents by 2035.

The information was released by the Falkland Islands Government as part of Housing Policy options for public consultation. FIG presented the findings at a public meeting on September 8 along with many recommendations on how to ease the pressures on the current housing situation. MLA Dr Barry Elsby, as portfolio holder for housing, spoke with Traighana Smith about what the public consultation hopes to achieve. 

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on September 10, 2020.


Single Constituency Referendum Popular

Tagged in Camp, Camp Matters, Constituency, Falkland Islands , people, Politics, Referendum, South Atlantic, Southern Hemisphere, Stanley

Should the Falklands Islands change to a single constituency?

There are currently two constituencies, Stanley and Camp. A referendum is to be held to decide whether this should be changed to a single 'Falklands Islands' constituency. On January 31 the Legislative Assembly passed a bill allowing for the constitution to be changed if a single constituency was voted for.

The members of the Assembly visited communities at Hill Cove and Fox Bay to talk about the upcoming referendum. Politicians and members of the communities gave their views on the vote.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on February 4, 2020