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FRN 09th May 2019 Popular

Tagged in FIG, Galliford-Try, KEMH, Magistrates Court, Measles, Morrison, Summary Court, Vaccinations

In the news today:
Morrisons – the story continues with further statements from FIG & Galliford Try
News from Summary court
Pink Run to happen this weekend
Measles are making worldwide comeback. Nick Roberts speaks with John Woollacott from the KEMH about this and other health issues
Further report from Summary court

FRN 280219 WEB Popular

Tagged in Belongership, FIG, FIGAS, MLA Barkman, MLA Pollard, RFIP, sfc, Summary Court, TWIP

In the news today:
Trainee FIGAS pilot takes another step to becoming fully qualified
Report from Summary court
Standing Finance Committee told that Large amounts wiped from FIGs investments during recent stock market downturn
Second part of interview with Royal Falkland Islands Police
This week in politics continues with Nick Roberts talking to MLA Barkman & Pollard about the recently issued Commons select committee on the overseas territories
Further report from Summary Court

FRN 04th February 2019 Popular

Tagged in CBFI, FIG, Fisheries, housing, mod, Sport

In the news today:
Joint Falklands/argentina fisheries cruise gets underway
Liberty Lodge celebrates 10th birthday
FIG & MOD Jointly seek expressions of interest for housing build
Successful MPA/Stanley sports event held over weekend
We talk with the new Commander British Forces, Nick Sawyer

FRN 29th January 2019 Popular

Tagged in FIG, KEMH, Magistrates Court, MLA Spink, TWIP

In the news today:
FIG appoints Deputy Director of Development & Commercial Services
KEMH announces visiting specialists
This week in politics features MLA Roger Spink
Report From the Magistrates court

FRN 24th January 2019 Popular

Tagged in Antarctica, BAS, Chief-Executive, Conservation, Cycling, FIG, Magistrates Court, South Georgia, Sport

In the news today:
One year extension agreed for FIG Chief Executive
Cycling event on Ross Road this weekend
BAS has been boring – hole punched through Ice in Antarctica
We continue our look at conservation work on South Georgia
Report from Magistrates court

FRN 21st January 2019 Popular

Tagged in Cruises, FIG, Finance, History, Next of kin, Tourism

In the news today:
Is argentine Next of kin visit being put together for March ?
FIG appoints new head of finance
Cruise vessel update
We continue our occasional feature looking back at the Falklands as they were

FRN 14th January 2019 Popular

Tagged in Cruises, FIG, FIGAS, FIGO, History, Jennings, Road Closure

In the news today:
Falklands representative in London to retire
MPA road resurfacing works to kick off – police issues a plea to drivers
FIG issues update on FIGAS issues
Tour vessel updates
Hamish Jennings looks back to the Falklands in the 1930s and 40s in the first of a series of features

FRN 04th January 2019 Popular

Tagged in 1833, Enviroment, FIC, FIG, Liberation, Oil, Rockhopper, Sealion, Stanley Common Management Plan, Summary Court

In the news today:
Summary court sits – application to revoke publicans licence
FIC confirms withdrawn Waitrose fish fingers are not stocked here in Falklands
1833 The completion of the first liberation of the Falklands
Will Sealion development slip ? Update from Rockhopper
FIG environmental studies budget applications sought
Stanley common management plan consultation to close on 18th January
Our feature today is the first of a three part interview on environmental issues
Further report from summary court

FRN 18th December 2018 Popular

Tagged in argos, FIG, Lands, Medivac, MLA Hanson, MLA Spink, Sport, Summary Court, TWIP

In the news today:
FIG announces land sale to Argos
Summary court sits
Military at MPA assist with medivac to Uruguay on Monday
The sports are on – we talk to Bob Short about the forthcoming Xmas race meeting
This week in Politics features MLAs Hansen & Spink

FRN 07th December 2018 Popular

Tagged in Canache Management Plan, Emergency Services and Island Security, Falkland College, FIG, HMS Clyde, Road Closure, Second Flight, Training Centre

In the news today:
Second public meeting on second flight held in Stanley
FIG announces appointment of New Director of Emergency Services and Island Security
Partial closure of Dean Street announced
New Canache Management plan questioned at land committee
Clyde sold to Brazil
Battle day looms
Goodbye Falklands training centre, hello Falklands College

FRN 06th December 2018 Popular

Tagged in FA, FIG, Football, Repatriation, RFIP, Tumbledown

In the news today:
Repatriation of body confirmed by FIG
Tumbledown run held yesterday
Cruise Vessel news
Second part of interview with Mr McMahon from the Royal Falkland Islands Police
Feature – England footballers

Public meeting 2nd Flight 6th December 2018 Popular

Tagged in FIDC, FIG, MLA Bragger, MLA Edwards, MLA Elsby, MLA Hanson, MLA Pollard, MLA Spink, Second Flight

Second meeting held this time in the town hall,

Commences with a presentatation from FIDC then followed by a questions and answer section. 

FRN 28th November 2018 Popular

Tagged in FIG, MLA Barkman, RFIP, Second Flight, Summary Court, TWIP

In the news today:
Second flight and communications between the Falklands and mainland - argentine and British statements contain further points not included in FIG statement
News from Summary Court
Interview with Mr McMahon from the Royal Falkland Islands Police
Second part of our interview with MLA Barkman in “this week in politics”

FRN 25th October 2018 Popular

Tagged in court, FIG, FIMCO, KEMH, MLA Elsby, RFIP, Roads, Sappers Hill, Tabernacle, Tourism

In the news today:
Royal Falkland Islands Police make arrest at Goose green
Both FIG and the Elsby family release public statements over KEMH incident report
Report from Magistrates court
MPA to hold community day on Friday
Cable street to close
Tour vessel movements
Sapper Hill TV & radio outage on the way
Tabernacle to hold soup afternoon in aid of Indonesia disaster fun
Business matters feature the Falkland Islands Meat Company