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FRN 09th May 2019 Popular

Tagged in FIG, Galliford-Try, KEMH, Magistrates Court, Measles, Morrison, Summary Court, Vaccinations

In the news today:
Morrisons – the story continues with further statements from FIG & Galliford Try
News from Summary court
Pink Run to happen this weekend
Measles are making worldwide comeback. Nick Roberts speaks with John Woollacott from the KEMH about this and other health issues
Further report from Summary court

FRN 08th May 2019 Popular

Tagged in EOD, Galliford-Try, Medal, MLA Pollard, Morrison, Ordinance, RFIP, TWIP, Veteran

In the news today:
Busy Tuesday for RFIP & EOD as they deal with two incidents in the Stanley area
Could Morrison Falkland be impacted by the woes of parent company Galiford Try
Falklands veteran fights for return of South Atlantic Medal
Second part of This Week in Politics with MLA Mark Pollard