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Let's Talk is a panel discussion programme hosted by Falklands Radio. 

The programme is presenter-led and can include live phone-ins from the public.

The show is usually on every second Wednesday at 1900. 

~COVID-19~ The programme will run intermittently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact Falklands Radio for more information.

audio News Review

A weekly round-up of all the news from the Falkland Islands.

The programme is broadcast on a Saturday at 1830.

~ COVID-19 ~  The News Review will be replaced by a news bulletin on a Saturday.



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Celebrating 100 Years of the Falkland Islands Defence Force - Memories of Members Popular

Tagged in British Forces , British Forces South Atlantic Islands, British Overseas Territory, Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands , Commonwealth, Falkland Islander, Falklands Conflict, Falklands Radio, Falklands War, government, History, Military History, OT, radio, Radio Documentary, South Atlantic

The Falkland Islands Defence Force celebrated 100 years of its formation in December 2020.

The organisation changed from the Falkland Islands Volunteers on December 13, 1920. The 100th anniversary of this was marked with an open day and reception on December 12, 2020. The day included displays of motor vehicles, weapons and equipment as well as historical displays and family activities.

Listen as News Editor Gavin Short speaks to former members of the Force about their memories.


Coping With Cancer In The Falkland Islands Popular

Tagged in British Overseas Territory, Cancer, Cancer Support and Awareness , Chief Medical Officer, Clap for our carers , CMO, Falkland Islands , Falklands Radio, government, Hospital, Island Communities, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Lets Talk, radio, Radio Documentary, Small Communities, Stanley

At the suggestion of Corina Goss, a breast cancer patient, we have assembled a panel of those who have encountered the disease and those who have helped them deal with it.

We will take a look at the basic statistics of cancer in the Falkland Islands with CMO Beccy Edwards, and discuss diagnosis and treatment with her and Nurse Mandy Heathman.

Corina is joined by husband David Ashbridge to discuss how families cope with long term illness.

Brian Aldridge, a recent returnee from treatment, will cover his experiences and suggestions, and Andy Brownlee a long term survivor and Treasurer of the Cancer Support and Awareness Trust will talk about their work.

This will be a powerful and informative programme. If you or your family has been affected by cancer, if you want to know why there seems to be so much of it, or if you would like to learn more about the disease and how to cope with it.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on December 4, 2019.


COVID-19 in the Falkland Islands Popular

Tagged in atlantic, Chief Medical Officer, Chief-Executive, coronavirus, covid-19, covid-19 antibody test, Emergency Services and Island Security, Falkland Islander, Falkland Islands , Falklandislands, Falklands Radio, government, Hospital, Island Communities, King Edward Memorial Hospital, news, Politics, questions, radio, Radio Documentary, response, Small Communities, south, Vaccinations, Whale Beaching

How will the Falklandlands Islands cope with COVID-19?

COVID-19 may eventually come to the Falkland Islands, what will the response be, will the islands cope?

Host, Jason Lewis, is joined by MLA Leona Roberts, CMO Dr Rebecca Edwards, and CE Barry Rowland, who answer listener's questions in this COVID-19 Let's Talk.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on April 15, 2020.


News Review February 6, 2021

Tagged in British Forces South Atlantic Islands, British Overseas Territory, coronavirus, covid-19, covid-19 antibody test, Falkland Islands , fishing, government, Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands , Policy, Royal Falkland Islands Police

LISTEN to the top news stories from the past 7 days.

  • The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in the Falkland Islands on February the 1st
  • Access to the Mount Pleasant Base is now restricted
  • BAS launches a research trip to the giant iceberg off South Georgia
  • The vaccination programme for the Falklands was confirmed on Wednesday and changes to the Falklands visitor policy were approved
  • FIG has committed to continue training for jigger vessels
  • The German airline Lufthansa successfully landed an aircraft in the Falklands on Monday
  • And the weekly update from the royal Falkland Islands police

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on February 5, 2021. It will be available for one month.


Single Constituency Referendum Debate Popular

Tagged in Britain, British Overseas Territory, Commonwealth, Constituency, Falkland Islands , government, Island Communities, Lets Talk, OT, Politics, Referendum, Small Communities

What are the benefits of changing to a single constituency? Are there other options?

This Let's Talk panel debate the arguments for and against the Falkland Islands changing to a single constituency.

There are currently two constituencies, Camp and Stanley. On January 31, 2020, the Legislative Assembly passed a bill allowing the constitution to be changed if a single constituency was voted for. Public meetings on West Falkland and in Camp were held in January prior to the original referendum date of  March 26, 2020. With COVID-19 causing a delay, the new referendum date is September 24, 2020.

Host Mark Lewis is joined by MLA Roger Spink, MLA Teslyn Barkman, and Camp residents Bill Luxton and Trevor McPhee to debate the matter.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on September 9, 2020.


Support For Tourism - Government Briefing Popular

Tagged in British Overseas Territory, Chief-Executive, coronavirus, covid-19, Falkland Islands , Falklands Radio, government, Island Communities, Island Life, news, Policy, Politics, radio, Small Communities, South Atlantic, Tourism

Support schemes to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the tourism sector were announced on September 23, 2020, by the Falkland Islands Government.

A press briefing was held with the Chief Executive Barry Rowland, Director of Policy and Development Andrew Gaule, and MLA Mark Pollard who explained the schemes and took questions from press representatives.

The overall package of support has three main components across eleven schemes. 

  • An extension for existing Covid-19 support schemes for businesses and individuals. This will have an impact across the whole of the Falkland Islands economy, not just the tourism sector. There will be some amendments to the guidance to meet the specific needs of businesses and individuals working in the tourism industry.
  • A domestic tourism incentive programme to help sustain revenues for tourism businesses during the difficult 2020/21 summer season, with the benefit of helping people who live in the Falklands to enjoy what the Islands have to offer.
  • Measures to help the tourism industry prepare to bounce back in 2021/22 and beyond, including small grants and access to deferred loans for eligible businesses; infrastructure improvements; and feasibility studies for longer-term developments and capacity building.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on September 23, 2020.