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audio Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a panel discussion programme hosted by Falklands Radio. 

The programme is presenter-led and can include live phone-ins from the public.

The show is usually on every second Wednesday at 1900. 

~COVID-19~ The programme will run intermittently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact Falklands Radio for more information.

audio News Review

A weekly round-up of all the news from the Falkland Islands.

The programme is broadcast on a Saturday at 1830.

~ COVID-19 ~  The News Review will be replaced by a news bulletin on a Saturday.



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COVID-19: Testing In The Falkland Islands Part Two Popular

Tagged in coronavirus, covid-19, covid-19 antibody test, DNA analysis , Falkland Islands , Falklands Radio, Hospital, Island Communities, Island Life, medical, Microbiology, National Health Service, NHS, pathology, PCR, PCR real time , radio, Radio Documentary, RNA Analysis, Science, Science and technology, scientific research , scientist, Small Communities, South Atlantic, Southern Hemisphere

What's the difference between sensitivity and specificity when talking about COVID-19 testing?

The Falkland Islands will soon be rolling out surveillance testing. But why? Laboratory Manager, Kim Finlayson, explains and talks through when we can expect to see antibody testing being carried out in the Islands. 

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on May 29, 2020


NHS Heroes - Dr Sonia Popular

Tagged in coronavirus, covid-19, doctor, Falkland Islands , medical, NHS, South Atlantic

Falkland Islander, Sonia, is a junior doctor working in England. 

She speaks about her training and preparations for the COVID-19 pandemic to hit her hospital.

This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on May 8, 2020


NHS Heroes - Nurse Bethan Popular

Tagged in coronavirus, covid-19, Falkland Islands , Hospital, NHS, Nursing, South Atlantic

Falkland Islander, Bethan Halliday, is working on the front line in an English hospital.

The NHS nurse talks about how she has been affected by working in a busy teaching hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 This programme was broadcast on Falklands Radio on April 20, 2020