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FRN 03rd May 2019 Popular

Tagged in Fisheries, Marathon, Power, Stanley Growers, Wind

In the news today:
Stanleys wind farm left isolated after lines back to town inadvertently dug up
Dianne,Jackie & Tex hit the road again in their 4 marathons in 4 days challenge
Fisheries catch report
Second part of interview with Mr Miller from Stanley Growers

FRN 19th February 2019 Popular

Tagged in jigger fire, Magistrates Court, Marathon, MLA Hanson, Power, TWIP

In the news today:
Update on Jun Rong jigger and collision in Stanley Harbour
Midnight Marathon this weekend
Public presentation on location of power station raises as many questions as answers
This week in politics features MLA Hansen
Report from the Magistrates Court

FRN 18th February 2019 Popular

Tagged in CBFI, collision, Fisheries, History, jigger fire, MLA Elsby, Power

In the news today:
update on Jun Rong jigger and collision between Spanish trawler and Chinese vessel international waters to the North of the Falklands
MLA Elsby talks about seeming misquote of Commander British Forces
Consultation to happen Monday night on new power station
Fisheries catches for the week 6th to 12th of Feb
Our feature today is our last in the series of conversations with Mr Hamish Jennings

FRN 15th February 2019 Popular

Tagged in BAS, jigger fire, Marathon, Power, Road Closure, Spiders, Stanley Growers

In the news today:
Update on Jun Rong jigger fire
Bypass closure looming
Accident report on BM released
Bas Scientist: David Walton’s Death?
Consultation on Stanleys new power station happening on Monday
Half marathon on Sunday
Open day on Saturday morning at Stanley Growers – all are welcome
Facing your fears – your rather timid reporter comes face to face with spiders in todays news feature

FRN 22nd October 2018 Popular

Tagged in Enviroment, Football, housing, Power, PWD, Sport

Let there be light! Temporary generators now in Stanley
Football Association team to be in Falklands in November
East end of Ross Road to close
Report from recent housing committee
Our feature today features Denise Blake from the Environmental Section of FIG