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Internet limitations blamed for hospital’s outdated software

The current software used to store and access medical records in the Falklands is so outdated it needs Windows 7 to run. Despite going out to tender for a third time, the Health and Medical Services Committee, sitting on Wednesday, was told no suitable bids for a replacement system were received. Director of Health and […]

Falklands albatross adoptions boosted by Taylor Swift

A track on the singer’s latest album is thought to be behind the rise. Glenn Welch of Falklands Conservation said there has been a recent flurry in albatross adoptions with the charity selling about three months worth of adoption packs in three days. A track called The Albatross on Swift’s new album is thought to […]

UK student visas impacting Falklands students

It can take up to a year to acquire the relevant visa for some students wishing to study in the UK. The director of education Sarah Stannard said the UK Government requires student visas for those who hold British Overseas Territory Citizenship passports or a passport from another country other than the UK. During Wednesday’s […]

Falklands Government £20m better off than budgeted

At the end of February the surplus at the end of the Financial Year was forecast to be just over forty million pounds, almost double what had been budgeted. Standing Finance Committee (SFC) was told yesterday higher than budgeted revenues from corporation tax and personal income tax account for about two thirds of the difference. […]

MLA salaries and expenses published for 2023

The total paid in salaries to MLAs and fees to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker came to £352,734.39. MLAs are entitled to a taxable annual salary of £45,000 (not increased since 2017 and frozen until 2025).  The Speaker and Deputy Speaker are entitled to fees of £174 per day for time spent on Assembly business. […]

Internet improvements coming to the Falkland Islands

New internet packages, improvements to existing packages and mobile data allowances were announced by Sure on Wednesday. Sure Group Chief Executive, Alastair Beak, informed the public of the upcoming changes during a presentation at the Chamber of Commerce. He also announced Roma Stewart, currently Head of Finance and Customer Operations, will be stepping up to […]

Disposable vape ban up for discussion

The single-use devices could be made illegal in the Falklands. During February’s Health and Medical Services Committee MLA John Birmingham outlined a plan to ban the nicotine product. He said he will be raising a motion in the Legislative Assembly and is “confident he will have enough support to ban single-use vapes.”  The committee spoke […]

Cathedral celebrates birthday by ringing bells for the first time in a year

The bells haven’t been used due to the concern they could put stress on the structure of the cathedral. However, on the 132nd anniversary of the consecration of Christ Church Cathedral (Thursday) the bells were rung for assessment in the presence of historical building experts. The team are in the islands to assess the cathedral […]

Foreign Secretary to visit the Falkland Islands

Lord Cameron is the first cabinet minister to visit the islands since 2016. During his visit next week he will meet with islanders as well as members of the Falkland Islands Government. He will also pay his respects to all British personnel who served and those who lost their lives during the conflict in 1982 and […]