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Archery silver medal boosts Falklands to 14th place in Island Games

The Falklands' archery team

Bill Chater secures second place in the Individual Head to Head Knockout.

After three rounds without losing an end, the final was a bit more tricky for Chater. Going head to head with Aland’s Daniele Rolfi, the Falkland Islander emerged with one point to Rolfi’s seven.

Though “very happy” with the silver, Chater was torn about his performance: “I just didn’t shoot the way I’d been shooting all day.”

The silver was very much welcomed and boosted the Falkland Islands to 14th place in the medal table, as of Wednesday afternoon.

The silver joins his bronze medal for archery from the Gotland Games in 2017.

Archery is one of the smallest clubs in the Falklands but has an impressive medal tally. The team have won at least one medal in every Island Games they’ve competed in.

Bill Chater shooting on Wednesday

The competition continues for the Falklands archery team tomorrow with the Mixed Team Knockout.

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