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Cathedral celebrates birthday by ringing bells for the first time in a year

The bells haven’t been used due to the concern they could put stress on the structure of the cathedral.

However, on the 132nd anniversary of the consecration of Christ Church Cathedral (Thursday) the bells were rung for assessment in the presence of historical building experts.

The team are in the islands to assess the cathedral along with other historic buildings in Stanley including Government House.

Structural engineer, Sarah Tattersall from the Moreton Partnership, said the fixings for the bells are looking “heavily weathered” and said there is work to be done.

She added: “Hopefully they’ll be able to ring again as they once did” following the repairs which will be outlined in their report.

Reverend Hayley Argles-Grant said: “What better birthday present than to ring our bells, and to understand more about how we can cherish our building for the future.”

The reverend described the conservation work as a “voyage of discovery” and spoke about findings such as ecclesiastical carpeting which parishioners would have knelt on at the altar, as well as block and parquet wood flooring, all of which had been carpeted over.

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