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Disposable vape ban up for discussion

A disposable vape. Picture @Brackers_

The single-use devices could be made illegal in the Falklands.

During February’s Health and Medical Services Committee MLA John Birmingham outlined a plan to ban the nicotine product.

He said he will be raising a motion in the Legislative Assembly and is “confident he will have enough support to ban single-use vapes.” 

The committee spoke of the health impacts of vaping and reported children as young as 12 using them in the Falklands.

“It doesn’t help they come in flavours like bubblegum” said the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Edwards.

It was said the full extent of vape use is not known in the Falklands but questions will be included in the next census. Dr Edwards said they think the under 25s are vaping more and added:

“Unlike smoking, where it takes years for the problems to develop, health problems from vaping can develop quickly.”

MLA Gavin Short asked if the UK bans the product, would it help here.

Public Health Officer Carol Morrison answered it can’t be guaranteed as suppliers could go to another country.

The committee also spoke about possibly introducing legislation to ban advertising of nicotine and tobacco products, and raising tax on tobacco products to 70%.

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