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Fullbore bronze brings medal tally to two

The fullbore Kings Open Individual Cup winners

Mark Dodd wins the second medal for the Falklands at this year’s Island Games.

A flight delay meant the Falklands’ two fullbore shooters, Mark Dodd and Christian Berntsen, had to leave home without their guns.

Staying true to its name, the ‘frienly games’ came through as Guernsey shooters lent the duo some rifles.

After placing third in the Kings Pairs Open, the Falklands pair didn’t secure the bronze due to Games rules; if there are four entries only gold and silver are awarded.

The Individual Open provided a second chance for a medal.

Guernsey’s Rob Waters and Jersey’s Matt Neal were tough to beat as they secured gold and silver respectively.

Third place was close as Dodd and Guernsey’s Jonathan Branch both scored 382.

But it was the Falkland Islander’s v ball score that secured the bronze, Dodd with 34 to Branch’s 32.

Christian Berntsen and Mark Dodd

“I was happy with how I shot here”, said Dodd.

“It hasn’t been easy, I got on better with my rifle than Christian did but I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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