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Iceberg spotted in Falklands waters

Iceberg in Falklands waters from about 2 miles away - picture Chris May

The iceberg is estimated to be as tall as 60 feet.

Chris and Lyndsey May, of Speedwell Island, spotted what they thought was a white ship surrounded by life rafts in Eagle Passage on Monday night.

No ships were showing on AIS so the sighting was reported to the Harbour Master, who was unable to say what it was.

The Mays inspected further and found it was not a ship but an iceberg with several growlers surrounding it.

“I’ve never seen an iceberg here ever,” said Chris. “There was one massive one quite a few years ago, you couldn’t actually see it from here, but I’ve never seen one in my lifetime.”

The iceberg was also visible from the North Arm side.

Out in their boat today Chris and Lyndsey were able to get within two miles of the iceberg which they estimate to be about 60 feet tall, if not more.

Some pieces of it have grounded on Blind Island and Fanny Cove.

Grounded bits of the iceberg – picture Chris May

Chris thinks the berg is tracking South and said: “I believe it was in the Eagle Passage last night and now it is about 7 miles away from where we saw it (this morning).”

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