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Major Daniel Biggs sworn in as Officer Commanding, Falkland Islands Defence Force

Her Excellency the Governor swearing in Major Dan Biggs

The ceremony was held at FIDF Headquarters on Wednesday evening.

Major Biggs, a member of the FIDF for around 20 years, was sworn in by Her Excellency the Governor, Alison Blake.

During the ceremony Governor Blake said there were things about Falklands life, values, and institutions that had come home “very forcibly” during her time as governor.

“One of those things is the importance of the Falkland Islands Defence Force. Both because of the role that it fills, because of the engagements, because of the sign that it provides about the Islands commitment to our own defence.”

Speaking of his time in the Force, Major Biggs said he is a “very passionate believer in the good that the FIDF can do.”

Of taking on the role he continued: “When this job came up I felt responsibility to do my part and to go forwards. We don’t have a lot of officers at the moment and there was a bit of a void. I feel confident I am the right person to protect the force and take it forward.”

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