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MLA salaries and expenses published for 2023

Gilbert House

The total paid in salaries to MLAs and fees to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker came to £352,734.39.

MLAs are entitled to a taxable annual salary of £45,000 (not increased since 2017 and frozen until 2025).  The Speaker and Deputy Speaker are entitled to fees of £174 per day for time spent on Assembly business.

The total amount of the expenses reclaimed by MLAs and the Speaker was £138,842.13.

Around £128,489.59 was spent on travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.  This will have included public diplomacy trips such as the C24, the Joint Ministerial Council, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association events and taking part in Gibraltar’s National Day and the climate change conference in Dubai.

MLAs are also entitled to claim contributions towards the cost of their broadband, mobile and landline bills.  The average amount claimed by each MLA was just over £1,000, with the highest amount claimed just over £1,500.

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