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No tenders received to turn Hillside cabins into accommodation for small businesses

Portacabins at Hillside

A difficult tender process said to have hindered progress.

The comments were made at the Falkland Islands Development Corporation (FIDC) board meeting on May 17.

FIDC plans to renovate the former military portacabins into a commercial hub for small businesses and is looking for contractors to complete the work. The tender process ran from February to April this year but no proposals were received.

As a result Managing Director Zachary Franklin said they have approached contractors directly.

Board member Tanya Clarke said she was informed by members of the construction sector the tender form was too arduous.

“For the time to fill it out versus the income that would be made, it was too much.”

Mr Franklin agreed the form was “over-specified” and said they’re looking at what they can do about it.

He said applications for tenancies at Hillside will be sent out next week which will include the terms.

Mr Franklin added: “If there are too many applicants for the number of cabins available a panel made up of FIDC and the Chamber of Commerce will decide allocations.”

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