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Public told to avoid swimming in Stanley Harbour

The advice has been in place since 2020 when high levels of contamination were recorded at sewage outflows.

The waters at East Stanley South and Monument South are still exceeding safe limits for e. coli, Coliform, and Intestinal Enterococci.

A report detailing the levels of contamination at these spots was presented to the Environment Committee on March 17. It covered a six-month period from May to December 2022.

As there isn’t guidance for safe limits of water bacteria in the Falklands the standards from the International Blue Flag Programme and World Health Organisation were used.

Using these standards bacteria levels exceed the safe limit at East Stanley South and Monument South regularly. The waters at Moody Brook exceeded safe levels once within the period.

The other locations of Public Jetty North, Whalebone Cove, and Rookery Bay were within the limits.

At the two worst sites, East Stanley South and Monument South, there was said to be a “persistent cause for health and environmental concern”.

The recommendation is that the public don’t swim between the Beaver Hangar and FIPASS until otherwise advised.

During the committee meeting lay members brought up the issue of chronic sewage at the Canache saying the area “can be inundated with raw sewage and wet wipes”.

The possibility of installing catchments at sewage outflows was briefly discussed and MLA Peter Biggs said he would bring it up with the Public Works Department.

Head of Environment Dr Rachel Cooper said “it’s really important to report these matters in case it’s a problem with the pumps.”

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