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Silver medal for Falklands bowls team!

The medal is the first for Team Falklands at this year’s NatWest Island Games.

The men’s triples team, made up of Chris Locke, Oliver Thompson, and Cecil Alexander, played Guernsey’s women for a place on the podium. Despite losing to the women 20-6, Oliver Thompson said it was his favourite match so far.

“It was a rounding-off of all the hard work we did to get to the final… There is a lot to learn in terms of our play for next time, if we come back.”

Left to right: Chris Locke, Oliver Thompson, Cecil Alexander

The Falklands has never sent a bowls team to an Island Games before and the sport was only revived in the Islands some three years ago. Some of the six players sent to the Games have only been playing for two to three years.

Without a rink in the Falklands, indoor practise takes palce on carpet laid down in the secondary school.

Of playing in Guernsey, Cecil Alexander said: “When we tape our carpets together we have a length of 30 metres, this is 36 metres. And obviously, this is a flat surface, there is no duct tape in the way. The school corridor also slopes slightly from one side to the other. There are various things that don’t make it ideal so we do the best with what we have and we’ve done really well to get this far.”

Chris Locke, who competed in the Commonwealth Games last year, said the pace in Guernsey was faster.

“It’s different and we’re adjusting but all the practise we put in at home has paid off.”

All three players will be competing in singles and doubles matches for the rest of the week.

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