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Falklands albatross adoptions boosted by Taylor Swift

A track on the singer’s latest album is thought to be behind the rise.

Glenn Welch of Falklands Conservation said there has been a recent flurry in albatross adoptions with the charity selling about three months worth of adoption packs in three days.

A track called The Albatross on Swift’s new album is thought to be responsible.

Falklands Conservation picked up on the link after noticing Taylor Swift references in the adopters’ usernames.

“When adopting an albatross, the people get to name them and one has been called TTPD, after Taylor’s new album,” said Glenn.

When asked if Falklands Conservation have contacted the Shake It Off hitmaker’s people, Glenn said he was hoping Taylor will release a song called Rockhopper next to sell penguin adoption packs.

Animal adoption is a key fundraiser for Falklands Conservation and helps raise awareness to the issues which seabirds in the islands face.

The Falklands is home to the world’s largest population of black browed albatross with over 200,000 breeding pairs. They face issues linked to climate change, with evidence showing the birds are finding it harder to find food. This can leave chicks open to predation as the parents are travelling further to find the food they need. Recent outbreaks of bird flu and wildfires are also affecting the albatross colonies.

Taylor Swift Stock photos by Vecteezy

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