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Adam Smyth


Shows: The Breakfast Show, News, Features

Favourite Song: People Are Strange by The Doors

Adam Smyth joined Falklands Radio in 2021, when he discovered just too late he was the only applicant for the role of Breakfast Show presenter. He now wakes up at 5ish every weekday, rain or shine (or snow, or gale (or all of the above)). 

A long-time freelance print contributor, after only six months in the Islands he found himself drafted to ‘help out a bit’ in the newsroom, where he then only narrowly avoided covering a general election on his lonesome. In this capacity, he was once called a ‘swine’ by a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Born in London and raised in Kent, Adam has lived and worked in South Africa, Sri Lanka, and – for a short while, in 2013 – Afghanistan. He has written for a couple of dozen publications, from Early Music Today to The Spectator, on subjects as diverse as small African wars and Morris dancing.

Other interests include concocting excuses to see as many of the 780-odd Falkland Islands as possible, talking about books too much, and running at 45 degrees to the vertical. He is also a member of the Falkland Islands Defence Force.

After 30 years as a chorister/choral scholar in the Church of England, Adam’s musical preferences are responsible for a significant proportion of the complaints received by Falklands Radio. He does not like Jason Derulo.