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Farrah presents the Afternoon Show each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, however she describes her main job as “stay at home mum with a bit of tour guiding in the summer months”.

Almost all of her previous jobs have been largely office based, notably Office Manager for local wildlife charity Falklands Conservation, and Assistant Manager for raw wool exporters The Falkland Islands Wool Company. But she says that mothering a two-year-old is her most demanding job to date!

Growing up, she experienced the unique Falklands-style of remote learning by telephone lessons and travelling teacher until age 11 on West Falklands, then on to boarding school in Stanley until age 16, followed by A Levels overseas at Peter Symonds College, Winchester UK.  No University “not knowing quite what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’, I travelled and worked instead”.

Her parents own and run a fine-wool sheep farm, Shallow Bay on West Falklands, and this is where she grew up.  She now lives and works in Stanley with her fiancé Ryan and their two-year-old son Max.  Growing up on the farm gave her the core values of self-sustained and low impact living, working alongside nature.  She’s happiest around close family and friends, with horses and dogs, hiking a remote track, or making memories at the beach with her little boy and his daddy.  To kick back and relax she also enjoys the odd glass of South American red wine whilst socialising.

Part of living in Camp when growing up was to have the radio on in the background as a constant companion.  Much knowledge was gained by listening to Falklands Radio through the day, and messages and jokes passed to and fro through song requests on the Morning Show.  Her parents surrounded her with country and 80s pop, and her mother is also a very talented singer and guitar player.  Farrah’s music taste is rooted in pop, classic rock and country. 

Artists that frequent her playlists include Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Alan Jackson, Luke Combs, Sia, Adele, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Muse, Foo Fighters, Ellie Goulding, Def Leppard, The Beatles, ABBA…..

Future plans; “Simply keep doing what makes me happy”.

Any other info: Her Falklands Radio idol is Myriam!