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Kris Ball


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Favourite Song: Wohin Kleines Pony? By Bob Martin (Austrian entry for The Eurovision Song Contest 1957)

Kris is the newest member of the news room and joined Falklands Radio in 2023 as a broadcast journalist after following his fiancée to the other side of the world for an adventure.

Prior to travelling to the Falkland Islands, Kris has lived as far and wide as Lancaster and Luton, but will always be FLYING THE FLAG for his home county of Lancashire.

Kris has something of a singular obsession, The Eurovision Song Contest, often letting the presenters in Studio 1 know, whether they asked for it or not, how a song relates to the contest, no matter how tenuous a link it may be.

During 2020 after years of never quite getting around to it, Kris launched his podcast, Think About Eurovision, where he and his co-hosts discuss their shared obsession, watching and commenting on historic Eurovision grand finals. This experience cemented his interest in broadcasting and inspired Kris to pursue a new career option rather than sticking with BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, and he applied for the position at the station just before leaving the UK.

His other interests include cooking and baking, having promised to bring in cake to the station to allow him more chance to practice without increasing his own waist size, playing the ukulele, and has rebranded and relaunched the Falklands Ukulele Club. He is also dipping his toes into the world of acting, having joined FIODA ahead of their 2023 pantomime, Dick Turpin Rides Again with the starring role of Beggar 2, described as “a smellier beggar” in the script.