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Liz Roberts

Liz Roberts is the Content Lead at Falklands Radio, and the regular presenter of “The Morning Show”.  Although she had presented various shows for almost a decade, she didn’t become fulltime until 2014 (when she joined the news team as the News Editor).  Previously she worked for the first ever television station here in the […]

Gavin Short

Gavin “Six Pack” Short describes himself as “a young, jolly good looking international DJ, whose eclectic career has ranged from being a docker to politics”.  He first joined the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station in 1978.  After a break or two he returned to Falklands Radio as News Editor in 2017, before being elected as a […]

Derycka Reid

Deryka Reid is a Freelance Presenter who started working for Falklands Radio in September 2022.  She is the host of the long-running weekly show, “Children’s Corner”. Before joining Falklands Radio, Deryka studied at Peter Symonds College in Winchester, England and also at Falkland College.  Her mother is Debbie James, presenter of “Sunday Night In”. She […]

Debbie James

Debbie James is the regular host of “Sunday Night In” and hails from St Thomas in Jamaica. She came to the Falkland Islands to work as a teacher at the Community School, and in November 2020 she also began working as a Freelance Presenter at Falklands Radio. She has a degree and diploma in education, […]

Chris Short

Chris Short has worked for Falklands Radio since 2020 and is the regular host of “Live from Studio One” and “Hits of the 80s & 90s”.  He also provides cover for “Solid Rock” when Tony Ellis has other commitments. He was born and educated in the Falklands, and his hobbies include music production, playing guitar, […]

Ant Tuson

Ant Tuson has been a Freelance Presenter with Falklands Radio since November 2016 and hosts Acoustic Roots every Friday evening. His rather exciting fulltime job is a helicopter pilot, and in the past, he’s flown aeroplanes in the Antarctic and worked as a pilot for the Falkland Islands Government Air Service. He was born in […]

Ali Dodd

Ali Dodd is Falklands Radio’s Admin Officer/PA, and although she has only been in that role since December 2022, she has been a Freelance Presenter for “too many years to remember”. She has worked in various clerical jobs, and before joining Falklands Radio on a fulltime basis, was the Manager of Liberty Lodge, a facility […]

Corina Goss

Corina Goss is the Station Manager, and she is also the regular presenter of “The Morning Experience & Mystery Year” each Monday to Thursday morning. Corina’s radio career started in 1993 as an Evening Continuity Announcer (she was still at school!) and in 1998 after returning from some time studying and working in the UK, […]

Traighana Smith

Traighana Smith is the news editor at Falklands Radio and produces the Falklands Radio News bulletin five days a week. She joined Falklands Radio in 2019 as a freelancer, became the broadcast journalist after an opening arose in the newsroom, and in 2021 was promoted to the post of news editor. Traighana is an experienced […]

Tony Ellis

Tony Ellis has been a Freelance Presenter at Falklands Radio since August 2018. Originally from York in the UK, Tony has turned his passion for graphic design into a business. With a music taste that involves mainly rock and metal, especially the progressive stuff, Tony is very well suited to be one of the presenters […]