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Stacy Bragger


Shows: The Fusion

Favourite Song: Ceremony by New Order

Stacy Bragger is a Freelance Presenter, and the regular host of Alternative/Indie show “The Fusion” each Thursday night.   

He was born in the UK and educated at the Falkland Islands Community School, Peter Symonds College and Surrey Institute of Art and Design.

He started with Falklands Radio in 2004, and was the News Editor for a time.  He has also served as a Member of Legislative Assembly.  His fulltime job now is Strategic Projects Manager with the Falkland Islands Development Corporation. 

Unsurprisingly, Stacy’s preference in music mostly leans towards Alternative and Indie.  He says “music has always been my passion in life, so I really enjoy being able to share songs with people on the radio”.  He is also a Trustee for the Multicultural Falklands charity.

Regarding his future plans, he feels that he’s never been very good at making plans, so he will see what life throws up.